According to the article 10 of the Law n. 675/1996, the ELICOIDALE inform You, as a interested Person, that Your personal data will be treated in this way:


The law of 31 December 1996 number 675 has the aim to guarantee the treatment of personal data, respecting the rights, the fundamental liberties and the dignity of people, particularly referring to the reserve and to the personal identity.
The law provides that the person receives information about the purpose and the form of treatment of its personal data, and provides the request of consent put in writing.
06/12/2006 The treatment of data, of which our Society asks for the consent, is necessary to release legal and contract obligations and for the correct assertion of its rights. .


We want to inform You that the data gathered using different forms (forms for the request of information, contract forms, signalling forms, forms for the personalization of the print) are here summed up in a non-exhaustive way: surname, name, social reason, sector of activity and application, address, phone numbers, fax, e-mail, comments and requests.
They are used for the treatments provided by the law 675/1996, and for the following purposes:
- to elaborate studies and statistical and market researches;
- to send promotional and informative material;
- to do activities for sale or activities of employment;
- to send commercial information;
- Warranty and technical assistance before and after the sale;
- Survey of the satisfaction;
- Invitations and informative or promotional events.


The treatment of the Data for the above-mentioned purposes takes place whether with computer-based forms or non-computer-based forms, respecting the rules of reserve and assurance provided by the law.
The Data can be treated by the Society, by employees, professional or societies, asked to do specific services of elaboration or additional activities to those of the Society, necessary to execute operations and services of the Society.
"ELICOIDALE" is the Holder of the treatment of Your personal data.
The MARKETING DEPARTMENT of "ELICOIDALE" is in charge for the treatment of the Data.


Considering the existence of data transmission, of computer and mail links, Data can be made available abroad, also out of European countries, and can be communicated to:
1. Employees of the Society not in charge in detail;
2. Societies or other subjects, doing outsourcing activities for the Society.


1. In relation to the treatment of personal data, the interested person is entitled to:
a) To know the existence of treatments of data that can regard him, through the free access to the register: art. 31, paragraph 1, letter (a),
b) To be informed about what is indicated at the article 7, paragraph 4, letters a, b and h;
c) Thanks to the care of the owner or of the person in charge, to obtain without delay: 1. the confirmation of the existence, or not, of still not registered personal data which regard him, and the communication of the same data, of their origin, as well as of the logic and of the purpose on which is based the treatment. The request can be renewed with an interval not less than ninety days, justified reasons expected.
2. The cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the blockage of data treated in violation of a law, included those, whose preservation in relation to the purposes for which the data have been gathered or subsequently treated, is not necessary;
3. The updating, the rectification or, if interested, the supplement of data;
4. The declaration that the operations indicated at numbers 2) and 3) are known, as for the contents, by those who have received the data or have spread them, excluded the case, in which this fulfilment is impossible or requires the use of means out of proportion compared with the defended right.

2. For each request listed at first paragraph, letter c), number 1), can be asked to the interested person, if the existence of its personal data is not confirmed, a contribution for costs, not higher than the effective bear costs, according to the forms and limits established by art. 33, third paragraph.

3. Each interested person can benefit from the rights listed in the first paragraph, which refer to personal data regarding dead persons.

4. the interested person can confer, putting in writing, a delegation to physical persons or to associations. 5. Rules concerning the personal secret of trades people who are journalists remain unchanged, to the limit extent of the source of the news.


All the graphic material and text's documentation are ELICOIDALE's property: forbidden is each type of reproduction, also partial.